TRELLIS Featured in GRBJ: Furniture Dealer Leans into Future of Work

May 18, 2020

TRELLIS was recently featured in the Grand Rapids Business Journal on the future of work.

In this article you can hear from Bill Payne and Will Payne on how TRELLIS is leaning into the future of work and can help you and your business craft a plan. See below for some excerpts. For the full article, click here

"For all of our customers, and even within our business, a key thing that we have identified and are talking to our customers about is the need to be flexible, adaptable and responsive to the needs of employees within the work environment"


"A primary challenge, Bill Payne said, will be meeting clients where they are at, because the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines may vary based on the work setting, i.e., a manufacturer will have different requirements than a service organization or an office environment."

"The difficulty is that for many jobs, personal interaction and collaboration are necessary to spur innovation, he said. Human resource departments and facilities teams will have to rethink how to foster such activities while maintaining social distancing."

"As far as Trellis is concerned, we’re trying to stay out in front as one of the more expert organizations with regard to providing advice and consultation with our customers on the range of options that are available that they could employ within their specific work environment. I think the key will be, over the coming weeks, we’re all just going to have to be attentive to what changes take place as we move through this fairly dynamic time"

From physical distancing consultation and WFH solutions to disinfecting and asset management, TRELLIS has a suite of offerings to help. 

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