TRELLIS partners with Rainbow International of West Michigan to provide disinfectant services

Will Payne
May 8, 2020

Get your workplace disinfected.

TRELLIS has partnered with Rainbow International of West Michigan to provide cleaning and disinfectant services for your workspace.

As Michigan businesses return to work in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis, one of the most important ways to keep employees safe and healthy is to ensure proper sanitation practices in the workplace.  The basic cleaning service companies that most organizations use are an important part of this effort, but alone they do not meet the CDC’s guidelines for effectively disinfecting your facility.  The coronavirus can live in hard to reach places (behind computers, between filing units, on top of equipment) or on soft surfaces (rugs, carpets, drapes, lounge furniture) which are difficult to clean and are often overlooked by employees and cleaning services.  Effectively decontaminating your workplace of COVID-19 requires professional expertise. 

Trellis has partnered with Rainbow International Restoration to provide professional cleaning services which adhere to the highest cleaning and sanitation standards.  Rainbow is proficient in mitigating a wide variety of viruses, toxins, and other biohazards.  Effectively disinfecting and treating surfaces for COVID-19 is labor intensive and it must be completed with extreme care through the proper use of EPA approved products.  Rainbow’s trained professionals are equipped to thoroughly and efficiently decontaminate your office or workplace.


We offer two cleaning service levels to combat COVID-19:

  1. PREMIUM (disinfecting mist + hand cleaning) – All touch point and horizontal surfaces will be hand cleaned which agitates the coronavirus making it more susceptible to decontaminants. Then an EPA approved disinfecting mist will be applied to the office or workplace which sanitizes the environment and kills the virus.  This is our recommended service and it meets the CDC guidelines for COVID-19 disease prevention. 
  2. BASIC (disinfecting mist) – The disinfecting mist alone will mitigate the effects of the virus, without the hand cleaning, the misting does not meet the same standards of sanitation. This service can be performed quickly and can still help fight the coronavirus, especially when used systematically in conjunction with other sanitation services and personal workspace cleaning practices. 

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