TRELLIS can help you return to work.

Will Payne
May 25, 2020

We think about workplace all day everyday. Let us walk along side you as you plan your workspace for a post-COVID re-entry.

As you explore the best way to help your employees return to the workplace - whether that's in a traditional office, at home, or somewhere in between - we're here to help. We understand the challenges because we're experiencing them too. 

Keeping our team members engaged is requiring us to think differently about how we work. We can help your organization adapt to the new normal with the services below. 

TRELLIS has partnered with Rainbow International of West Michigan to provide cleaning and disinfectant services. Using a CDC and EPA approved plant based solution, we can get your space totally (99.99%) disinfected before your employees come back to the office. Trellis_Cleaning

As you prepare for physical distancing, TRELLIS can identify potential conflicts within your floor-plate and help make the necessary changes. Below you can see our downtown showroom. The red circles show where 6' of distancing is at risk. Once identified, we can help remove chairs or re-configure workstations. We can also identify and mark traffic patterns and where additional sanitation stations can be placed.  37 Ottawa Physical Distancing

It's likely that you will need to take some furniture out of circulation as we social distance. TRELLIS can help by storing your unused assets in our climate controlled warehouse. When you are ready to use it again, you can log on to our system, select your items and have them re-delivered.

Asset inventory management

With reduced density in our offices, it's likely that working from will continue. Having gone through it ourselves, we've realized that we can still be productive. Unfortunately, a lot of us are still slouching on the couch or using the kitchen table. It's important that we provide comfortable ergonomic solutions for the home office. TRELLIS has developed a number a packages that can help you be productive at home. 

WFH Package 1

There is no one-size-fits-all solution as we prepare our organizations to return to work. TRELLIS is here to listen and help. Click below to learn more about our RTW services and schedule a free consultation with our team. 
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