Employee Spotlight - Matt Sova

Apr 13, 2022

Fashion and furniture have always been tied together, but in recent years we have seen a large surge of fashion designers collaborating with furniture designers on new collections. We’ve also seen color trends coming out of the fashion world. But why is this?

Our very own Matt Sova, account executive, can shed some light on why fashion takes the lead. Matt was previously a personal shopper and clothing stylist at A.K. Rikk’s. And you may have seen him around town as a wardrobe stylist for fashion shoots or an MC at a show.


Do you see fashion as an inspiration for furniture?

I definitely see fashion as being an influence on the furniture world. Colors and fabrics are just the beginning.

Where do fashion trends start?

The start is at the top fashion houses, but I also see them getting inspiration on the street level. They are always looking to find a way to refine a creative perspective. Like furniture design.

What do you think of designer collaborations?

I think it’s great to see collaborations. The public is getting more style savvy and style is getting more approachable. Some companies have made it more accessible with high-end fashion houses meeting fast fashion like H&M or Zara. The same holds true with homewares, with respected interior designers getting their wares out to places like Target.

In years past, we have seen that interior color schemes are influenced by fashion. Is this something you have noticed?

Yes. This trend is faster on the coasts and in Europe. Europe has a long tradition in fabrics and techniques; therefore, they are open to exploring new ways. The Midwest is a little slower to adapt but when it does, it’s fully embraced!

What has been the biggest surprise coming from luxury fashion to furniture?

The quality of the products with high-end furniture is amazing. I’ve also been surprised at the time it takes to create a classic and timeless piece. How beautiful the classics can be in any style!

Why did you decide to make a career change?

I wanted to branch out and have a new challenge. I’m obsessed with the luxury market and lifestyle and furniture is another part of what makes it so special and exclusive.


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